Business Consultation

Business and Income Tax

As per our experience, filing of tax returns by individual or business can be a hectic task. At kick-off, the season, payers find pressed to file up the returns; Neil Accountants give a simple and easy solution to file returns for the individual and businesses. 

Our experienced team ensures stress-free reporting, and on-time delivery guarantees time and cost-saving for individuals and businesses. The client only needs to share his last year's tax return, copies of tax documents, tax software backups, tax software copy, and log in access to the software. 


Our services include -

  • Individual Tax Returns (Form 1040)

  • Tax Returns for Fiduciaries (Form 1041)

  • Tax Return for C- Corporations (Form 1120)

  • Tax Return for S- Corporations (Form 1120S)

  • Tax Return for NGO's (Form 990)

  • Tax Return for Partnership (Form 1065)

  • Tax Return for Gifts and Estate (Form 706)

  • IRS forms including 433-A, 433-B, and 433-F

  • Payroll Returns

  • Sales and Use Tax Returns

  • Year Final Report

After filing Income Tax Return, we provide E-file confirmation and Tax return copy.