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The payroll is a time consuming and hectic process, includes all work from entering employee details, sending payment, making payroll checks, and many more. The taxes and employee regulations make it laborious to complete the task with ease. Precisely and timely payroll processing is essential to process taxes and other laws and keeping employee confidence.  

Neil Accountant's help to save your time with our outsourcing payroll services so you can invest that time in your business. Besides, we help to reduce your operating cost. Just send us a variable every month, and our team will handle the rest. 

Our services include -

  • Processing payrolls weekly, Bi-weekly, or monthly basis depending on the timesheet.

  • Calculating and making tax payments include Federal taxes, state taxes, insurance, and other requirements.

  • Calculating monthly and yearly payroll reports. 

  • Processing 1099s and W-2 forms after completion of the year.

Confirmation through email of payroll from clients.