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Sales and Use Tax

Sales tax is not only time consuming but also a high-risk process. And when you need to manage sales tax across all the state and local jurisdictions, it is where hectic process. It will consume all of your time, keeping you engaged in the process.


Neil Accountants gives an efficient and feasible solution to all firms that helps in reducing your work. Our accounting services provide guidance at every step to keep you ahead. 


Once we prepare the report, we wait for the client's approval before submitting it through our online portal.


Our service comes with an assurance of giving you an overview of the process and total control over it. Our team will be doing all related work while you can focus on your core business work. 


Our services include -

  • Preparing and filing tax returns

  • Reduction in the processing cost

  • Email confirmation of tax returns

  • Responses to audit requests and Maintenance of audit reports. 

  • Sales tax returns and sales tax administration.