Image by Pawan Kawan

Cash Flow Budgeting And Management Reporting

A cash flow budget is an estimation of cash receipts that are expected to occur during a certain time period. Estimates can be made monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. A cash budget helps avoid a shortage of cash during periods in which a company encounters a high number of expenses.

Cash management is important because a lot of times the difference between a company that succeeds and one that fails is usually money management. Especially financial management. 


Management reports on the other hand, are a form of business intelligence. In layman's language, management reports basically contain performance data and analysis of the same for a certain period of time. Its value is judged numerically. 


Our team that manages the cash flow and management reporting includes a complete audit of the organization's cash budgeting report.

Any potential issues are taken care of with a full-proof plan. We aim at the strict conveyance of all management reports before the fifteenth of every month and that too, consistently.