Bookkeeper Virtual Assistant

You can order online, check your bank balance, and even order food online. Why not hire a bookkeeper virtual assistant?

A virtual bookkeeper can take bookkeeping duties off your hands for good. That's great news when you run your own business, and your daily schedule has more entries than Wikipedia.

But everything comes with a drawback along with benefits. Let's look at how virtual bookkeeping works and find out the reasons to hire a virtual bookkeeper.

What is virtual bookkeeping?

Let's first understand what virtual bookkeeping is!

A virtual bookkeeper handles bookkeeping remotely.

You communicate with them and share your financial information using the software. Your virtual bookkeeper will categorize your transactions and prepare a financial statement for your business.

Is bookkeeping so important?

When your bookkeeping is accurate & up to date, you'll get all the info you need to make crucial decisions, take advantage of tax benefits, and file your taxes on time.

9 reasons to hire a virtual bookkeeper-

  • Flexible Schedule

Your in-house bookkeeper will work on standard working time only, and for overtime, you need to pay him more. But, it's not the case with the bookkeeper virtual assistant. If you hire a virtual bookkeeper from a different country with a different time zone, you can run your team 24*7.

For instance, India and the USA have approximately 12 hours’ difference. If you hire a bookkeeper from India and assign them to work in the evening, your work will be done by morning.

  • Promote your Business

If you have a small business with one accountant, from preparing accounting books to filing the final taxes - everything falls on one person. It will bury your accountant deep under the different accounting books how will he or she follow up the latest trends or mitigate risks. It is unfair to ask one person to perform all tasks.

Thus when you delegate bookkeeping work to a virtual company, you can free some time for your in-house business promotions.

  • Get better financial decisions

The less time you do bookkeeping; the more time you can spend on what you have to do. Your bookkeeper virtual assistant will receive all the invoices by email and pay them on time. All you need to do is, allow the transactions.

  • You can save wages when you hire a virtual bookkeeper.

It can be hard to find an efficient, trustworthy accounts person if the role only requires a few hours every week. With a bookkeeper virtual assistant, the headache of recruiting an accountant is no more. Hiring a Virtual bookkeeper saves wages and time for your financial statements.

  • Save Space and buy equipment.

Do you have space for an employee bookkeeper? They need a different desk, computer, and other equipment required. They will need to organize everything when they are on a day off.

By hiring a virtual bookkeeper, you save all those expenses.

  • Streamline Payroll

Payroll is another headache for any businessman, even if you have a small business with larger employers. Your bookkeeper virtual assistant will handle all your payrolls efficiently so that every employer is paid correctly on time.

  • Improve your cash flow

Your bookkeeper virtual assistant will handle all slow payers on your behalf in a good manner just send them the information by mail.

  • Paperless simplified year-end reports

Our mission is to achieve the dream of a paperless office. There are several reasons why paperless is better, one of them is for the environment. An online system helps in better organizing things and finding them effortless. There will be no space needed for papers, and all your ending reports will be simplified and easy to see remotely.

  • Easy access to financial reports anywhere

Hiring a bookkeeper virtual assistant can help you understand your numbers. If you're not good with budgeting or finance, or if you need help for saving money or planning around your tax. A virtual bookkeeper can give advice and remote access to all your financial statements.

Bookkeeper Virtual Assistant is a new concept and a service by Neil Accountant. It provides you with an experienced bookkeeper service who will take care of all your financial statements.

You won't need to allocate any space or desk to your virtual bookkeeper because he or she will be working from Neil's Accountants office. All the piles of financial statements will be diverted to you by mail or any software to you by your virtual bookkeeper.

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