Fun Christmas Activities to be on your Holiday List

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

You have been counting this week – okay, months – and now counting days to enjoy this Christmas activity and winter activities you love so much. Now, as your favorite time of year is here, don't lose it. Make your holiday season fun and enjoyable with our to-do list for the Christmas activities for kids as well as grown-ups.

Let's Check our best Christmas ideas to be on you're to-do list –

Counting Down the Days

I know it's boring to count down the days you are waiting, but what if you count it funnily. As there are only a few days left for Christmas, there are endless ideas to do so. Here are some:

  • Get pieces of paper of different colors, and write the different activities you would do till Christmas day arrives.

  • Hang different colors of socks and put different gifts in each pair of socks, counting the number of days left for Christmas.

2. Decorate your tree with a theme

Decorating a tree at Christmas is a must, but decorating and trimming a tree with your decided theme is cool enough. You can decide on various themes in which you have to decorate and trim your tree. Here are some theme ideas –

· Try Classic Theme, like angels or winter

· Try a superhero theme; your kid will love it.

· Try the beach theme if you are a beach lover using some sand dollars, and many more.

3. Christmas Inspired Collection

Haven't collected any Christmas related collection before? Well, it's time to start collecting them. It has always been fun to collect different decorations, Santa faces & figures etc.

4. Christmas Treasure Hunt

This is my favorite! Playing Christmas treasure hunt is a Christmas tradition for many families. If you haven't Played treasure hunt, its not too late now. The game is quite simple - instead of giving a gift to every family member, make them search their gift. Hide your gifts and provide clues to find them.

5. Christmas Song Playlist

This Christmas, Update your favorite Christmas playlist, find the best version of each song and add it to your playlist. Listen to each song, and also include perennial favorites.

6. Host a Christmas party

Host a party this holiday season and invite your neighbor's too. Ask your neighbor's to bring a gift to donate for charity, this will help strengthen bonds with your neighbor and give holiday cheer to kids.

7. Make Gifts in Jar

This season, try some different and fill the jar with some gifts you can think of. These are not expensive, fun to make activity and easy. Some ideas to fill in maybe

· Fill the jar with cookies.

· Fill it with a sewing kit

8. Watch your favorite holiday episodes

Watch your favorite TV shows related to Christmas this year. It may include a show from Andy Griffith called "The Christmas Story", episodes from "Frasier", and various others which are fun to watch.

9. Watching Christmas Cartoons

Watching Christmas Cartoon is just the funniest Christmas activity to enjoy your childhood again. The shows may include "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and many more.

10. Ice Skating this Winter

If you are thinking of having fun with your kids, ice skating is the best idea. Along with this, you can enjoy your childhood again with your kids.

11. Christmas Window Display

Go to malls or shopping streets in your town to see the different Christmas decorations through the display window. Fun-filled window shopping. Many displays are magical and animated, and each one is amazing than the previous one.

12. Christmas Tree Camping

Read holiday stories in front of tree lights at night while eating holiday treats. Camp out with your friends, family, and neighbors; invite them for this magical night out.

13. The Christmas Orchestra

There are plenty of Music Orchestra to visit around your city. Find out all the details a week before and book the slots. During Christmas, there are several performances,a local choir around.

14. Gift Wrapping Party

You have a lot of gifts to wrap? Just make it a gift wrapping party, invite your friends and ask them to wrap the gifts. A chance for everyone to enjoy this small get together.

15. Family Tradition

Come up with a new tradition to have more fun along with the old tradition you are following. While old tradition brings old memories, bringing up new tradition around will make it funnier and enjoyable.

Our idea of a new tradition may include hiding something in the Christmas tree and ask to find it, whoever finds it first will be gifted good fortune on Christmas morning, or maybe you can gift something to them.

16. Karaoke Nights

We have all visited karaoke nights, but this holiday gift yourself a karaoke machine and stock it up with Christmas songs. Then invite your friends, neighbors to enjoy the karaoke Christmas night and have fun with them.

17. Family Game Night

Family game night is always fun to play and funnier when you play the game with a holiday theme. Play different holiday board games and have a fun night with your family this holiday.

18. Potluck Night

It is the oldest version. Revamp it—potluck with your favorite wine. Bring a dish along with the finest wine of the town.

19. Morning Cookie Decoration

Invite your friends for morning celebrations by decorating the cookies in their way. And distributing it in the neighborhood to old couples.

20. Try New Recipe

Some enjoyments are for self-fun. Try out a new dessert or a recipe that you always wanted to cook but could not do because of your busy schedule.

21. Write to your extended family

A great way to show gratitude towards people who have been part of your life but are away. 2020 has been a little tough on everyone. It is an apt occasion to get connected again.

22. Drop a secret gift

There are people or institutes with whom we do not directly connect but always feel like giving away something nice. This is the moment to do so.

23. Resolution or no resolution

This week decide on a few things that are to be accomplished in the coming year without having any resolution. Staying healthy, Achieving a career goal etc.

24. Decorate your kitchen

We decorate our entrances, we redo our living area but forget to decorate our kitchen. Add some colour and sparkle around the window to make kitchen shine.

25. Display holiday cards

You have received a lot of cards from friends and family. Make a way to display all of it on a wall, to keep remembering who remembered you this year.

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